Family History


Jah’s “interview” at a local Primary School – Moving to North West London

There was a Church of England school at the end of our road in London where the new house was, but there were no places. In […]

Final arrangements for Jah. Most plans completed before the move.

So. The forthcoming move to London seemed to suit Lucy and Anna, and Sam’s school place had been secured. I had to give in my notice […]

Our three-page letter of appeal for Sam to attend the school of our choice. Sometimes parents get things right!

So now, to re-cap,  The church had bought  the house for us in London. D. and I thought that since it was near enough to the […]

Random Reflections (not particularly adoption-related), And not very dramatic.

Fortunately I called my blog “Adoption Reflections” as well as “Multiracial family”. I think that allows me to indulge in sundry reflections now and again. I […]

1983. The family is moving. Hunting for a house in London

The salary of Church ministers is not big enough for them to buy a house. Therefore, the Manse, as they call it, is owned by the […]

1983. The search for a school in London with an anti-racist policy.

Now we knew that we were going to move to London, D. and I began all over again searching for a secondary school that would adopt […]

1983 Anti-racist awareness?

 In 1983 I do not think it was common for schools to have an anti-racist policy. To be honest, if ever I mentioned to white friends […]

London. Here we come!

I had intended to take  a Monday “off” from the blog, but then I met a friend today who said that she was ‘looking forward to […]

Before moving on. A few more thoughts on Jah’s first few years with us. Leicester days.

I have just looked at a photo album and seen a few more pictures from the Leicester days. I think those days were good for Jah. […]