Family History


Multiracial cards and a few bits and pieces to remember, just before we move to London

MULTIRACIAL CARDS Recently I was reminded of something that happened just before we left Leicester in 1983. As I have said, we belonged to a mutually […]

A brief pause in the family story. Contemplating the move to London.

There will be a brief pause in the family story – hopefully to be resumed next week. (Right now, today February 2nd 2015,  I am looking […]

All change in the family situation

Things were going along fairly well in our family in 1983. Our elder daughter, Lucy was attending a ballet company school in London. Anna, our second […]

Why I started writing my blog

My blog began in September 2013 because there were many things I wanted to say about adopting children of a different race. They are things I […]

Interesting backgrounds continued. . . Variety is the Spice of Life.

In my last blog post I was talking about the interesting backgrounds of our adoptive sons. They range from white British, to Jamaican, Nigerian/Ghanaian and Dominican. […]

Interesting backgrounds and heritage

A year ago I had lunch with a friendly person I had met at a local church. Inevitably a question came up about our respective families. […]

Adoption. Warmhearted and welcoming friends and family. Random thoughts.

I did not prepare this short post in advance. It has just come into my head. I think “Random thoughts” are allowed. After all, this blog […]

The helpful big sisters/’home-grown” daughters (continued)

Quite a while ago a friend commented on our family.  As I mentioned in this blog a few months ago, she said “The sisters must have […]

Jah feeling vulnerable. The lost tooth.

As I have mentioned before, I have spent quite some time writing a memoir, entitled “A Rock for Jah”. This has not been published and I […]