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New Friends can come quite unexpectedly into one’s life

(Friday 21st January 2022.)  I’ve had a great day today – lots of emails sent and I’ve written to ask for possible book reviews for Abigay’s […]

Pigs in the news!

UK NEWS: PIGS are in the news in the U.K. and not in a good way.  I know that farmers care about the animals in their […]

Empathy in Children’s Literature

Welcome back. I have been very busy writing my children’s novel – see later –  which is why I have neglected my blog. Sorry! I have recently […]

A few musings on fostering and caring for looked-after children

Recently there has been much discussion in the media about a foster child in Hackney. I suspect that there has been misinformation and perhaps photo-shopping of […]

A Historical Perspective and Looking Forward with the Younger Generation.

  A Very Happy New Year to everyone reading this! As we start the New Year I look back with gratitude for many things.  We have […]

An Interconnected world “For more unites us than divides us” Jo Cox MP. RiP

  My brother and I were brought up in an international atmosphere. Our parents were keen members of the Esperanto movement.  As readers of this blog […]

The portrayal of children from diverse backgrounds (1)

Princesses (?!) I don’t necessarily advocate filling girls’ heads with fantasies of being ‘princesses’, but on the other hand I am committed to the view that […]

ADOPTION TODAY – Help/information/support

My last blog ended with this sentence “I have heard that there is more help for adopted and looked-after children nowadays.” This is good news for […]

Our boys – Born in London. Back to London in 1983.

When we moved to London, I was overwhelmed by all the amazing things one could see and do in the capital. In earlier days I thought […]