Random Reflections (not particularly adoption-related), And not very dramatic.

1983. The family is moving. Hunting for a house in London
Our three-page letter of appeal for Sam to attend the school of our choice. Sometimes parents get things right!

Fortunately I called my blog “Adoption Reflections” as well as “Multiracial family”. I think that allows me to indulge in sundry reflections now and again.

I have just spent several days in bed with a virus. Many other people have had a similar virus. Nothing very dramatic. However I just want to say that sometimes things that are not even dramatic have an impact on one.

Some forty years ago, when our first adopted son was a toddler, I contracted mumps. Mumps in an adult is no fun!  Kind friends came to take Sam out for the day and all went well. However, there was the matter of restoring my appetite. Husband D. was willing, but the person with special culinary skill, time and patience to cook for me was a member of our church congregation. She was the wife of a retired police officer. Everyday she came round with a new delicacy, bland at first  . . .

iced teaImage courtesy of tiverylucky at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

and then more and more tasty. . . . . .

ID-100219887 Image courtesy of Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


….until I was fully recovered..ID-100277626

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 I am sure that many people can remember quiet acts of kindness. I am simply pleased to be able to mention this lady Mrs Collins today. She must have died many years ago but her memory lives on.

In my next blog post I shall return to the Story of Jah and describe our attempt to get Sam enrolled into the London school of our choice.

Odette Elliott
Odette Elliott
I love writing stories for children. I have had six books published and am working on others.

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