Odette Elliott


Stepping right into my story (coming in October 20121)

Last weekend we visited two family farms.  When writing the story of Abigay’s Farm, in my head I switched between both farms.  We were back in […]

Watch this Space!

In October this year my children’s novel Abigay’s Farm will be published.  It is for children around 9 – 12 years old. There will be a […]


One of our granddaughters was an avid reader before she became ill with severe ME.  One of our granddaughters had the good fortune to have a […]

New Theme: Random Jottings

 I have finished writing about our family’s adoption journey. Time has moved on. We now have five wonderful grandchildren. As I write today, one is about […]

Empathy in Children’s Literature

Welcome back. I have been very busy writing my children’s novel – see later –  which is why I have neglected my blog. Sorry! I have recently […]

Looking back on 2017

When I started this blog in 2013. I told the whole story of adopting our youngest child. He came to us aged four years old and […]

Welcome back!

Welcome back!  You can now find my blog within the newly set up website.  Just select it from the top bar. I am  testing this to […]

A few musings on fostering and caring for looked-after children

Recently there has been much discussion in the media about a foster child in Hackney. I suspect that there has been misinformation and perhaps photo-shopping of […]

Thinking about birth mothers

For quite a while now I have been thinking of writing a blog post about birth mothers. There have been three main reasons why I have […]