Family History


Camping Holidays at home and abroad. Promoting a world view

.As we near the end of this summer – 2015 – and since D and I have just returned from the North West Highlands of Scotland, […]

The need for a “Little brother the same colour as me”.

This summer – 2015 – when D and I were enjoying a holiday in the Highlands of Scotland, I thought of the times we took all […]

Jah’s school celebrates 100 years. The importance of drama and the Arts in education.

 One of the biggest excitements I can recall about Jah’s Primary school days was the celebration of 100 years of the school. There were many Centenary […]

Jah and Sam. Some of their memories of childhood – artefacts (1) + Importance of a world view.

One day I asked our four “children” whether there were any interesting objects that reminded them of growing up in our family home. I didn’t want […]

The Traveller children come to Jah’s school c. 1984

 Shortly after the beginning of the Spring term, a very important announcement was made at Jah’s school. He was impressed by what the class had been […]

Jah and Sam make new friends in London

Both boys made good friends in their new schools. As I have said, one of Sam’s friends Dee is still his friend. By now 30 years […]

Jah settles in to his London Primary School

Recently I met someone who works as a virtual teacher with ‘Looked After’ and adopted children. Of course I already knew that ‘Looked After Children’ is […]

Sam and Jah The first few days in their London schools.

  Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at We moved at the end of the school summer holidays, so that the boys could start at the […]

The family moves. The first night in London.

We have now lived in London for over thirty years, but I can still remember the day we moved in. We packed up our belongings in […]