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Hello.  Welcome to my website.  You can now find my blog here. It used to be called Multiracial family – Adoption Reflections and was to be found in a separate place. 


I hope you will also enjoy reading the “About Me” and the “My Books” sections.  Of course I hope to have more books to add one day.  Writing and dreaming are an important part of an author’s life. I have wanted to be an author ever since the age of ten.  So if that is your dream too, “Keep writing and dreaming!”  If you simply enjoy reading, keep sharing that love with others and “Keep reading!”


My books

Abigay’s Farm
Sammy goes flying
Sammy Goes Flying
my big brother jj
My Big Brother JJ
Nightingale news five stories about our school kindle edition
Nightingale News
Five stories about our school
Young Hippo School Nightingale News
Nightingale News
5 Stories About Our School
Sammy and the Telly
Sammy and the Telly
Sammys Christmas Workshop
Sammy’s Christmas Workshop
Under Sammys Bed
Under Sammy’s Bed