A few musings on fostering and caring for looked-after children

Recently there has been much discussion in the media about a foster child in Hackney. I suspect that there has been misinformation and perhaps photo-shopping of […]

Thinking about birth mothers

For quite a while now I have been thinking of writing a blog post about birth mothers. There have been three main reasons why I have […]

A Historical Perspective and Looking Forward with the Younger Generation.

  A Very Happy New Year to everyone reading this! As we start the New Year I look back with gratitude for many things.  We have […]

Adoption and Identical Twins. Nurture versus Nature.

I think I have always been interested in ADOPTION, maybe because my best friend at school was adopted.  It interested me to realise that she had […]

Happy New Year! LEISURE ACTIVITIES with the family in the 1980s +1980s Racism.

Resuming the story of our multiracial family. . .When we moved to London in 1983, we joined a church in Camden Town. The congregation was very […]

Multiracial Family. Childhood artefacts remembered – D.

I realised recently that I have not asked D. for his quick memories of the children’s childhood. For this exercise nobody has been allowed a long […]

Multiracial Family. Childhood Memories (continued) – artefacts varied. .

The thing that spurred me on to ask our children for memories of their childhood, was something our third granddaughter said. She and her brother had […]

Terminology and the emotive power of words, especially with regard to race

Recently my husband D. was performing at the Edinburgh Fringe with the drama group “3rd Thought”. The actors were presenting either a poem, a story, or […]

Adoption and the home-grown helpful sisters

One day somebody asked me about our experience of adopting two sons. That wasn’t such an unusual question, but her following comment rather surprised me. Perhaps […]