Family History


A new beginning. Jah joins us in our Leicester home

Our first day out alone with Jah had gone fairly well, but reality was drawing near.  He was very soon going to be our responsibility. We […]

Our first day out alone with Jah.

We were camping in the garden of Jah’s short-term foster parents, so that we could get to know each other better before he moved in to […]

“Getting to know you” – before Jah moves in.

So far Jah had made one visit to our house and met all the family.  The next time he would be moving in as the little […]

‘Little brother’ visits our home – a preliminary visit. Sam asks “Do you like peas?”

  Sam chatted happily to Jah in the back seat as D. drove them home.  Jah was making his first visit to our home.  If all […]

Preparing for the visit by Jah and his foster family. Necessary steps to be taken in adopting an older child.

When I was writing the Memoir a couple of years ago about adopting our children in the 1970s and 1980s, somebody asked me “How would your […]

Wot. No google Search in 1972?! How did people find information about multiracial issues in those days?

When we adopted baby Sam in 1972 there was no Google Search.  I don’t think anybody had personal computers.  I remember hearing about enormous computers that […]

Applying to adopt a little brother. Sam says “the same colour as me”.

By the time Sam was six, we realised that the years had flown by and we had failed in one aspect of our family plan.  We […]

Woo! Hoo! A good feeling from dance.

Our elder daughter has always loved dance and made it her career.  It clearly gives her a good feeling. And we get a good feeling watching. […]

Bringing the baby home

I am sure every adoptive parent will have a story about the moment they brought their child or baby home for the first time. We had […]