Odette Elliott


Reflections. The family story continued. “We have heard of a little boy who is longing for a ‘forever family’ “.

In September 1979 we were approved as would-be adopters for an older child.  I needed a job that I could do with a child-in-tow, so I […]

Two moving memoirs about adoption.

 I have been trying to think of some of the best books I have received as Christmas presents in the past. There really are so many.  […]

Rest in Peace Nelson Mandela

Rest in peace Nelson Mandela who preached and practised racial and gender equality, who cared for the rich and poor, black and white, young and old; […]

Wot. No google Search in 1972?! How did people find information about multiracial issues in those days?

When we adopted baby Sam in 1972 there was no Google Search.  I don’t think anybody had personal computers.  I remember hearing about enormous computers that […]

Applying to adopt a little brother. Sam says “the same colour as me”.

By the time Sam was six, we realised that the years had flown by and we had failed in one aspect of our family plan.  We […]

Woo! Hoo! A good feeling from dance.

Our elder daughter has always loved dance and made it her career.  It clearly gives her a good feeling. And we get a good feeling watching. […]

Our adoption experience long ago. Was it very quick?

One of the first comments I had when I started the blog was that the reader could ‘hardly believe’ how quickly we were allowed to take […]

Three cheers for cousins!

Our granddaughter Mia has twelve black cousins, one white cousin and two who may look white, but have Caribbean and white heritage.  She also has three […]

Explaining things to children

We adopted our sons in the 1970s.  Now they are both fathers. Our granddaughter Mia is black – and beautiful of course!  One day, when she […]