Odette Elliott


Ethnic minority people visiting the countryside

I have friends who live in rural Co. Durham.  When their grandson went for interviews at various universities in cities like Leeds and Manchester, he was […]

Jah’s hair is cut at last. Robert, the children’s cousin comes to stay.

 After several months we realised that it would be a very long time indeed before an adoption order would be granted.  We asked our social worker […]

Dr MAYA ANGELOU – an inspirational woman.

One day I intend to write a blog post on black role models.  When we were bringing up our boys, I suppose we concentrated more on […]

Jah’s hair and hair in general.

When I went out with Jah into the city centre of Leicester, not only did I receive criticism about his name, but also about his hair, […]

Jah’s name continued. Little progress on the adoption front. Then an interesting proposition.

To update readers on Jah’s choice of name, following the criticism we received for continuing to use this special name. He was keen to add a […]

Jah. What is in a name? Some contentious issues.

When I went into the city centre in Leicester with Jah, I received many negative comments and they were always from black people. “You shouldn’t call […]

Back to reality and our Leicester home

I counted recently and I reckon that In my long lifetime I have moved home eleven times, but always with family members,  except when I was […]

Diversity. Where are the books that reflect our multiracial society?

When I thought about writing a blog, I imagined that I would write quite a lot about my reflections on being a multiracial family and multiracial […]

Introducing Jah to our wider family ‘Down South’. The long summer holiday.

The long summer holiday is a time when children can be free from formal school learning.  If they are fortunate, they can learn about the world […]