Odette Elliott


Adoption Day arrived at last.

As November drew nearer and nearer, Jah grew more anxious. We did not want to make a big issue of going to the Court for his […]

Continuing with Jah’s story

Recently I have been doing what this blog title suggests and indulging in ‘Adoption Reflections’. Now I’d like to continue Jah’s story. To re-cap where we […]

Mentioning adoption and colour. And is it true that children are “always colour-blind”?

My best friend at school in the 1940s was adopted. We all knew that, so there was no mystery or hiding the fact. As far as […]

Terminology and the emotive power of words, especially with regard to race

Recently my husband D. was performing at the Edinburgh Fringe with the drama group “3rd Thought”. The actors were presenting either a poem, a story, or […]

Adoption and the home-grown helpful sisters

One day somebody asked me about our experience of adopting two sons. That wasn’t such an unusual question, but her following comment rather surprised me. Perhaps […]

Waiting – Jah’s Life Story Book

For well over one year we were considered as Jah’s Foster parents, with a view to becoming his adoptive parents. The delay was partly due to […]

Explaining things to children (continued from an earlier post). A light-hearted example.

I am sure that all families will have examples of when they tried to explain things to children and their best efforts have backfired. Since I […]

Memoir ? “A Rock for Jah”/Blog/Children’s stories/Poetry/Sundry reflections.

MEMOIR Recently a friend asked me whether I would write up our family experience in a Memoir. He has seen the blog and said some nice […]

“Families visible by Colour”. Multicultural Britain Today and Looking Back to the 1970s.

  MULTICULTURAL BRITAIN TODAY A few days before I published a blog post “Ethnic Minorities in the countryside”, I received a beautifully produced and well-thought-out handbook. […]