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Stepping right into my story (coming in October 20121)

In October this year my children’s novel Abigay’s Farm will be published.  It is for children around 9 – 12 years old. There will be a few illustrations by a talented artist, Patrice Aggs.  She has recently produced a graphic novel entitled ‘No Country’ ( a David Fickling book) with Joe Brady and I wonder at the talent and output of some artists. This graphic novel has so many varied pictures – many are moving and dramatic. In keeping with the theme of a nation at war, the back and front covers are beautiful and scary at the same time.

In Abigay’s Farm Patrice has been able to portray Abigay exactly as I saw her in my head! Everyone will have to wait until October to see what I mean.

I can’t show the cover of my book yet as it is being worked on by a dedicated professional cover-design team.  I am having the story self-published and have enjoyed being consulted on many aspects of the cover.  I had to fill in a questionnaire to help the team produce a cover that I would like.  I think the most interesting question I had to answer was ‘How do you want your readers to feel when looking at the cover? We want to make sure that reader expectations created by a cover design are matched upon reading the contents of the book’.

Nearer the time of publication, I’ll name the publishers and other details.  There can be no “sneak preview” yet, but here is a little photo I found on the internet.  The significance of a foal will make sense when you read the story.

Odette Elliott
Odette Elliott
I love writing stories for children. I have had six books published and am working on others.

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